Prayer Group




Congregational care is very important to us. If you or a loved one would like a pastoral visit, is sick, or is in distress, please notify the Rector.



National Day

of Prayer



Nell Rorebeck


Nell is having double knee replacement

and will be away in rehab for 6-8 weeks



c/o David and Jan Dees

480 Miller Creek Road

Crystal River, FL 34428








Melissa, Mark Caro, Patty Carlton, Ann Sobieralski, Stan Cole, Jeffrey Greenacre, Sarah Hudson, Bill Podolski, Sgt. Billy Gudzak, Trey, Betty Culbreath Gibbons, Helen, Velma Moore, Barbara Moore, Garl Tyer, Irmina White, Luis and Martha Medel, Bob & Wanda Mitchell, Richard Smith, Kate, Anne Garrison, Elizabeth Baker, Mary Withrow, Mignon Grant-Levy, Louise Smith, John McWhirter, Altamont Mills, Enid Mills, Thomasina Glover, Robert Hamilton, Mary Mitchell, Lela Mitchell, Bessie Beckham, Verdette Ford, Florence Edgecombe, McKinley Williams, James Bullard Sr., Richard Mitchell, Kelvin Ford, Brianna L. Ford, Bryan Johnson, Jeffrey Mitchell, Henry Brown, Jo Apthorp, Maxine Mitchell, Katie Shuler, Jean Lafevers, Jim and Joan Hoppe, Marie Jane Bentschner, Esther Farrell, Mary Ellen Smith, Tom and Mary, Jan Bier, Paul & Jen Choate, Cristi Gahzi, Laura Dodds, Laura Kirby, Betty Wells, Robbie Kearse, Jennings Morris, LaJean, Linda Moody, Violet Stanley, Cecil Shuler, Jesssica Paez, the Mitchell family, Rev. Ernestein Flemister, Stacey Smith, Philip Cusmano, Aiden Michael and Jacob Riley Kennington, Nancy Dinkel.


(We are happy to include all prayer requests. Names will remain on the list for four weeks.

Please call Kathy in the church office if you desire a name to remain on after four weeks or to be removed sooner.)


WE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIED:  Anne King, Emy Smith, Annie Stephens, Jim Guest, Roger Cole





Healing Ministry


Recently, a group of parishioners met to begin a prayer group, with its focus on Healing Prayer. This group will meet on the first Sunday of each month in the Children's Chapel to pray for those known to us to be ill or in any kind of physical, mental or spiritual want. This includes, of course, those on our parish prayer list.


Apart from the meeting on the first Sunday of each month, members of the group have committed themselves to pray for our entire list of those in need on a regular basis individually, as well. If there are those known to you whose names you would like to place on our list, please let me know. If you would also like to become part of our group, we would be glad for you to join us!


For further info, contact Bill Yanson (813-507-8977 or Also look for Bill's Facebook page, Healing Prayer!