Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative “How-To’s”:

Sacramental and Pastoral “How-To’s”:

Schedule a meeting at St. Andrew’s


Update my name/address


Inquire about my pledge

Pastoral Care

Put a notice in the bulletin


Add a name to the Sunday prayer list


Arrange to give altar flowers



Getting Connected at St. Andrew’s




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Administrative “How-To’s”

To Schedule a meeting, put a notice in the Sunday leaflet, or add a name to the prayer list, call Kathy Jenkins, Parish Secretary.

To update your mailing information or to inquire about your pledge, contact Barbara Leonard, Parish Administrator.

To arrange to give altar flowers, call Sheridan Marr or Kathy Jenkins.

To report errors or omissions, or suggest improvements on Saint Andrew's website, contact Joe Daurril, webmaster (228-7201).

Except as noted, the telephone number for these contacts is (813) 221-2035.

Sacramental and Pastoral “How-To’s”


How Do I Schedule A Baptism?

The St. Andrew's parish family joyfully welcomes new members into the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ through the first sacrament in the life of a Christian—Holy Baptism.

It is a shared sentiment at St. Andrew's that shis celebration of new life should not be entered into lightly, but with reverence, sincerity, and a full understanding of its profundity.

If you are seeking to have a child baptized or are seeking baptism yourself, call the church office at 813-221-2035, and we will send you a booklet about baptism and a form to fill out. We will also work with you to find a date that is acceptable for everyone. Baptisms will normally be scheduled only on the fourth Sunday of the month, as well as the four occasions specified in the Book of Common Prayer: The Great Vigil of Easter, the Day of Pentecost, All Saints' Day, and the First Sunday after the Epiphany.

How Do I Schedule A Wedding?

Everything you need to know is contained in our "Wedding Customary." It may be found here (PDF file).

How Can I Arrange for Pastoral Care at St. Andrew’s?

From time to time, every family, every person, needs the support of caring friends. The pastoral care of our parishioners is of primary importance to the staff and people of St. Andrew’s. The clergy stand ready to provide emergency pastoral care at any time, night or day. Help is as close as your phone. A number to call for “after hours” emergencies is on our automated confidential voice mail system at 221-2035.

Prayer support can also be obtained through the prayer list in the Sunday bulletin and through the Daughters of the King prayer chain.

How Do I Schedule A Funeral?

Funerals are arranged in consultation with the clergy. Please call the church office as soon as possible after a death occurs. Our Helping Hands Ministry is available to assist you in providing a reception in our parish hall following a funeral, if you so desire.

Is there a columbarium?

The new columbarium, located north of the Children‘s Chapel, is now complete and arrangements can be made for eternal rest at St. Andrew‘s. Each niche can hold two urns, and the cost per niche is $2000. For more information contact the Rector.    

Getting Connected at St. Andrew’s


How Can I Get Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church?

Inquirer's/confirmation classes are scheduled for a number of weeks on Sunday mornings at least once a year. If you cannot attend classes, speak with the Rector about alternative education or preparation. Confirmation services are scheduled in the fall and in the spring and are held at different churches in the Tampa deanery.

How Do I Join St. Andrew’s?

If you provide your name and address to the church office, we will send out a Family Information Form for you to return to us. It is important for you to fill out this form so that we have the required information for our records and so that we can remember you in the bulletin on birthdays and anniversaries. If you are of another faith, you have the option of being confirmed or received into the church (see above). If you would like to transfer from another Episcopal church, please contact the church office to arrange for a letter of transfer to be sent.

Lastly, please attend our programs and choose one or more parish ministries to take part in so you can be involved in the life of out parish, use your gifts, and build community with others.