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Confirmation Retreat: On October 7th 2011 the confirmation class went to DaySpring to continue their lessons and get to know each other better. Alice Prucha, Jonathan Soots, Laurence and Nekeshia Hammond led Sara Ines, Hannah Smith, Grace Smith, Justin Silverman, McKinley Chapman, Madison Dixon, Tripp Dixon, Angel Coleman, Martin Coleman and Jessica Dominici on a fun excursion. The rain only made for a few mad dashes to the dining hall and back to the cabin. Instead of a campfire and marshmallows, we played board games with Bible themes and watched movies. I havenít laughed so much in a long time! And yes, we did get some lessons in on prayer, the history of the Episcopal church, and what we believe is spelled out in the Apostlesí Creed. The kids loved the zip line: ask them about it!

The following photos are available as a slide show on your computer. You must first download and save the edited 24-photo collection, available from this site as one 4.5M zip file. Then simply unzip the downloaded files to a folder of your choice, and take the Windows 7 option to view that folderís contents as a slide show. A very nice montage including several of these photos may be seen on page 7 of Novemberís online edition of The Call.



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