Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Bishop SmithOn November 20th our Bishop confirmed/received 19 new full-fledged Episcopalians. The class for confirmation started on Sunday, September 11th and included 8 classes and a retreat. Students attended 80% of church services, and the retreat. Candidates for confirmation must have been 12 years old by October 2011. The instruction for young people was conducted by Alice Prucha, and for adults by Father Reese.


We are extremely pleased therefore to welcome the following:


McKinley Anne Chapman

Angelyn Coleman

Martin Coleman

Joseph John Daurril (received)

David Donald (Tripp) Dixon

Madison Amanda Dixon

Jessica Dominici

Richard Allen Ferlita

LeaMarie Freeman

Leonard Robert Freeman

Steven D. Hutsell

Sara Ines

Margo Land

Cassidy Brooke Lawless

Alexander Mitchell

Anita Ramirez (received)

Justin Timothy Silverman

Katherine Grace Smith

Hannah Collins Smith